Quality Asset Management offers investment advisory services. In aiming to provide excellent service, QAM limits the number of clients it accepts, and the account minimum is set at $4,000,000 per household (exceptions to this minimum may be made, including keeping existing clients that are under the current minimum). QAM is currently accepting new clients. Services include the following:

The Foundation for All Investments

QAM conducts an interview to find out your short-term and long-term goals in life. Care is given to finding what provides you with the greatest security. Considering your current financial circumstances, QAM constructs a plan for your investments. The plan is presented in a document called Investment Policy Statement (IPS). It details the transformation of all considerations into actions. Following a plan that matches your goals is the foundation for the investment process.

The Three-Component Investment Approach

The investments are implemented as a combination of three components. One component provides short-term security, while the other two enhance the long-term security at an accelerating pace. QAM developed a unique interplay between the components to provide you with peace of mind at all times, whether it is a rapid market expansion or a tough recession. QAM found many different ways to reduce the different components of your costs, directly benefiting your purchasing power at all times. Taxes are limited across the board: within mutual funds; when money shifts into-, out of- and between the holdings; and on the portfolio level.

The Constant Match

In order to achieve your goals, your investments should match your goals at all times. This requires two actions:

  1. Rebalancing of the portfolio components to match the plan. This is done with utmost care in order to limit your costs and taxes.
  2. Updating the plan to reflect changes in your life that might affect its correctness. You are welcome to ask for a plan review at any time, and QAM will offer it periodically.

Retirement Feasibility Analysis

If you are asking yourself: “Can I retire already?” or “When can I retire?” QAM will perform an analysis to answer your questions. You will get detailed information needed to plan for a peaceful retirement.

Retirement Income

Your investments can provide you with retirement income. You can get a periodic ‘paycheck’ from your investments, just like you did during your working years. The plan is sophisticated enough to account for various needs such as: (1) Income to supplement part time work, and (2) Income that adjusts to your cash needs.

Multigenerational Wealth

You may wish to sustain your wealth to serve future generations.  This takes very careful planning and discipline in adhering to the plan.  You will get a plan for this purpose, as well as ongoing support & guidelines for making it work.

Knowledge is Peace of Mind

The only way for you to stay relaxed at all times is by learning about your investments in words you can understand. This includes annual reviews, quarterly statements and monthly reports with interactions in between as much as needed. You will hear what you want and need to know in simple words, so you can keep clear control over your investments at all times. The performance report will answer your question: “How much profit did I make on my investments?” – both in dollars and percent. With your increased knowledge you are ready to go back to your passions in life, with peace of mind.

Existing Portfolio Analysis

If you have existing portfolios, an analysis can be made to check their suitability to your goals. This has been a valuable service that helped QAM’s clients gain much better control over their total investments from the early stages of our relationship.