QAM is a fee only investment advisor. You pay QAM only a percentage of assets, not per transaction.

The annual advisory fee is 0.96% of the portfolio value per year, charged quarterly.  Fee rates are not negotiable.

In addition to the advisory fees, you are charged directly by the broker for transactions.  QAM focuses on using brokers with competitive transaction costs and minimizes transactions.  This results in the transaction costs for rebalancing the portfolios being very small as a percentage of your liquid assets.  Note: these fees can vary depending on market fluctuations, affecting rebalancing needs.

The above is a full summary of costs you will see deducted for your investments.  There are a few more costs that are already reflected in the fund (mutual fund and ETF) price:  (1) Annual Fund Fees: 0.19%-0.58%, are the total effective fees charged by the funds in the various portfolios, calculated as the weighted average expense ratio of each fund.  The different values depend on the allocation to the portfolios.  There are no other fund fees (no-load, no 12-1b expenses); (2) trading spread: the difference between the buying and selling price of a stock in the fund and on the ETF level, charged by the person performing the trade, and can affect the fund performance; (3) market impact: the change in the stock price during a large trade, increasing the cost of buying and decreasing the sales proceeds. Quality Asset Management reduces the impact of these fees by choosing funds that trade infrequently in order to maintain the intended asset classes and to handle deposits and withdrawals. A more active reduction is achieved by performing negotiated trades of large blocks of stocks.